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I came across a person's journal on my other journal site, and I decided to click on a little link/banner thing he had, and it led to something kinda of weird.

This bothers me.

Why? It's not because it's for straight people. Ohno.
It's because it says to post it in your "Gay" friends journal, as a joke.
Not funny.
At all.
And, because it says that gays should "mind their own business" inadvertainly. If you can't tell where, it's on the bottom banners that says "The rest of the rainbow can mind it's own business", or whatever.

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name; ashley
sex; female
sexuality; bisexual
are you out; to most, yes
single or taken; it's a wierd situation...
age; seventeen
location; pennsylvania
screen name or email; yahoo (my preferred messenger); i_heart_constantine.....aim; lovelymousexx.....email; i_heart_constantine@yahoo.com
pictures; here they are...Collapse )

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Hey, I came across this little abode and I thought I would test it out.. see if I like it, and whatnot. Heh. So, here we go!

Name: Bree
Sex: Physically? Female.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Are you out: To my Mom, her boyfriend, my friends and a couple of my cousins.
Single or taken: Taken
Age: 16
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Screen Name or Email: snow_leopard44@hotmail.com

Boo. Me on the left.
Monotony Me, of course.

Anything else you want us to know. Though I posess a female body, I feel as if I have no internal gender. I sometimes feel more male, or more female, but generally, I feel as if it's my own personified gender. I also have an insane love for animals, and I own 2 rats, 1 mouse and 3 hamsters currently.
If you want to know something.. ASK!
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so my school principal on friday told me it was fine for me to have the day of silence. so today, monday, i printed up about 100 flyers and then posted them all of my lunch hour. The next hour i got called down to talk to the principal. I can't hang flyers because they're "offensive", and i can't do the DoS because it's "disruptful to the learning process". so yeah, me and at least 5 other people are doing it anyways. I'm making a shirt and other things, and printing up my speaking cards tonight.

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Ok people. We have to do something to get this community back up.
Any suggestions let me know ASAP.
I also am going to need 2 more mod's if your intrested let me know.

my AIM is : hopelessdreamsxo or Silencedbiwords
and my email is: Softballshorty006@yahoo.com

And if you have not posted the applacation thingy on the userinfo do so now.

your mod.

♥ Michelle

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I've been lurking but have never posted. I think it's about time...

Name: Kristi
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Are you out: Hell yes.
Single or taken: Taken. Been dating my beautiful girlfriend Christina for a year and a half.
Age: 18
Location: Cleveland, OH
Screen Name (AIM): RainbowTears527; Email: DiscChic167@AOL.com.

Friend me. I'll friend you back. :o)
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Name: Portia
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Are you out: Ya
Single or taken: Recentlly turned single
Age: 15
Location: Toronto (torona if your a native)
Screen Name or Email: missundaztood13@hotmail.com
Pictures: Read more...Collapse )

Anything else you want us to know.
Umm,... I'm the kid, your parents and your health teacher told you to stay away from ;)
i have a slight obsessions with faires ( with wings),music ( industrial, metal mostly( kittie, otep, jack off jill, msi)) Eliza Dushku, Kate moennig, writng ( i have a story up if anyones interested Read more...Collapse )
) , reading, smoking, drinking, and "socializing". Anything else you need to know about me, just ask...


Name: Mike
Sex: male
Sexuality: Gay
Are you out: Have been for four years.
Single or taken: Now I'm taken. :D
Age: 19
Location: Tampa, FL
Screen Name or Email: AIM is Days of Our Vent but I have a privacy setting on; it's best to email me first at haltermannews@yahoo.com if you want to chat.
Pictures: My piccieCollapse )

So, what is there to know about me? I'm doing Honors and two majors at the University of South Florida. Journalism and French are two things I absolutely love, so I'm following my dream, even though my parents wished I did business instead, haha.

I also love soap operas, hence my icon. She's only my favorite soap diva ever. Oh, I'm also a facebook fanatic! If you're on thefacebook, feel free to add me. Mike Halterman at USF. Message me, though, and tell me that's why you're adding me.

I'm sure you'll find out more about me later, then. Bye! :-)
buffy (me)

...killing the girl who hated the world...

Name: Melissa aka Missa
Sex: female
Sexuality: lesbian..
Are you out: yes, for the most part, not so much with my family. My brother knows, my friends know, my mom knows but she doesn't believe me and my dad...while i think he suspects. they will all know eventually...
Single or taken: single...i am always single..just about
Age: 19
Location: nj
Screen Name or Email: no, i prefer only lj comments and such. i don't give out e-mail or phone numbers.
Pictures: n/a
Anything else you want us to know.

I go to middlesex county college and I am studying to be a high school/college english, writing, and hopefully poetry teacher. I also want to to write. I mainly write poetry but i have a few small prose pieces as well. Actually one of the prose pieces i have is how i came out in my senior year of high school. I wrote a piece about a girl i had a crush on for quite sometime and submitted to our literary magazine which i was editor of and it was published. and actually no one mocked me, everyone liked the piece. if you would like to read my stuff that i am slowly posting here go ahead http://www.fictionpress.com/~missafaery  --the piece i'm talking about  is called participation, unfortunately they won't let me post stories until feb 3rd. so check back then. If there is anything else you would like to know about me come see my lj.


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