Jen (lonelyinheaven) wrote in glbtyouth,

in need of people willing to help with my research paper.

i'm writing a paper about glbt/minority teen (ages 13-19) drug use, if anyone would do the following questioneer i'd greatly appreciate it. comment here if you'd like, i set the comments as screened, and you can do it anonymously. also you can send it to me on aim (sn: jenniy122) or email ( if you're not comfortable answering a certain question, don't. all to protect your privacy.

1. gender:
2. age:
3. ethnicity:
4. what sexual orientation do you identify as?
5. do/have you done any illegal drugs? why or why not?
6. a. do/have you ever abused prescription drugs?
b. where did you get the drugs from (your own, parents, friends, dealer, ect.)?
c. what kind of drugs were they?
7. why do you or why do you think glbt teens use drugs? do you think glbt teens use drugs for reasons that straight teens dont?
8. would you ever consider doing drugs, if so for what reasons and what substances?
9. do you smoke cigarettes? if so, how many a day?
10. do you drink alcohol? if so, how often?

thank you!
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