Brad Hopkins (evil_admiral) wrote in glbtyouth,
Brad Hopkins

Need some advice.

Okay, I need some advice on a roommate situation I have run into. Alrighty then. I go to a school which attracts a pretty conservative crowd on average. I am a junior, and on a hall in the men's dorm which is predominantly upperclassmen. As a roommate this year I have a freshman. Now before he moved in yesterday, we had talked on the phone once to discuss the layout of the room, what he needed to bring, etc... Now when I got back from work yesterday afternoon, after I said hi to him, introduced myself, and shook his hand. Then after he introduced himself and shook back, the second words right out of his mouth were "I've requested a room change because I saw you're gay, and I am sure you are a good guy and everything, I just don't want to be around that." He knew because I had a sticker on my loft with the rainbow flag and "I don't even THINK straight" on my loft (which I have now taken down) and an HRC sticker on my whiteboard. He had talked to the RA on my floor (a good friend btw) beforehand actually, and not only asked him if I was gay, but if he go ahead and get a room change, and how to expedite that. In its self, this isn't too bothering. What is really bother me though is that he didn't take a chance at getting to know the person behind the gayness (I am actually pretty "straight" acting when it comes down to it).

Since then its more or less worked, though he has been out of the room a lot (driving around thinking I guess). We were able to make some small talk last night before we both went to bed about class and stuff, but I can still sense an uncomfortableness in him.

My RA friend recommended us both sitting down as adults and talking about this with him as a moderator/character witness, since my roomie will be in the room for at least the next two weeks (if Res Life can even find somewhere else to put him in the full dorm). I know I need to sit down and address his uncomfortableness, and how this thing is going to work. I know what I want to say, but I just don't know how to phrase it very well so that it doesn't come out sounding like its a formal relationship or something. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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