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Calling all New York State Queer Youth Activists!

read on, find out what queeRevolution is all about, then if you're interested, join the queeRevolution!

queeRevolution is starting as a means to network
various youth organizations as well as individual youth
across New York State.
This is a result of the many youth who have shown a
desire to bring about direct change
to the diverse lives and struggles of queer youth.

It’s because issues affecting queer youth today are issues
that are being overlooked by the mainstream queer community.
It's time for a revolution of the larger queer communities.
We need to band together to make our presence known.

They say we are the future of our fight, let's show them who's fighting!

queeRevolution serves politically charged queer youth in New York State.
Right now, we are a tiny listserve where we ask questions
of other youth organizations, other youth;
brainstorm political actions; announce events in our communities;
coordinate events and actions throughout New York;
get support from others in our movement; find relevant resources;
among so many other possibilities.

queeRevolution is a coalition of youth who self identify
anywhere under the queer umbrella and/or transgender/genderqueer umbrella.
This is also a coalition of youth who don't identify under these umbrellas
who are still an integral part of our movement known as allies.

Want to join the queeRevolution? Want more information before you join?
Email queerevolutionnewyork-request [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net

Like I said, we're still really new, and trying to get more active, but you can access the Archives to see what's being talked about.

xposted to almost all queer communities on LJ.

i posted this for amanda (free_of_gender) she's way cool, and i joined (even though i'm from ma... activism needs to be everywhere. talk to her with any questions.)
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