heffalumpwoozle (heffalumpwoozle) wrote in glbtyouth,

new member...

Name: abigail
Sex: female
Gender: fucked
Sexuality: pansexual
Are you out: depends on who. almost everyone except parents.
Single or taken: half-way taken. (don't ask how.)
Age: 14
Location: cambridge, ma
Screen Name or Email: everything's in my user info.
Pictures: n/a. don't have a camera.
Anything else you want us to know:
i created ma_queer_youth, and i'm wondering if anyone has a desire to moderate it/ get it off the ground. i'm willing to help, but need help. and there is a signifigant amount of people that want to join. so not so much recruiting, more just layout type stuff. and on that note, is anyone here going to boston pride this weekend?
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