Ashley (___pinkballoons) wrote in glbtyouth,

some new pictures of me.

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that's me in my bedroom =)

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that's me at my desk with my wonderful laptop in the background =)

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that's me in my dining room/living room at the table =)

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same place. same me. =)

hope you enjoy!

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u r such a cutie..i mean!!!!!i would most definately love to get to know u more just hit me back or on my aim or yahoo name its ladylion8704...ok until then holla
hey my aim name is PiNK iS L0VE x0

and the 0's are zeros!
ok i i wil be onhere later.........if u really want to talk to me u can send me a text message or number is me anytime of the day u want..i will be here.......